Best of: Workcamp in Kenya, Sega

If you’ve followed my posts about the workcamp in Sega, Kenya and would like to learn more about what our life was like, check out this clip I produced.

The next workcamp I hope to be conducting will be in Jalón, Spain. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating or have any questions about it.


Happy women’s Day!

This is to you. To all the mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, girlfriends, wives, … To all those loving, caring, hard-working, passionate, funny, amazing, successful, hopeful, optimistic, … women out there and to those who still have way to go to claim their justice. Keep it up!

You’re amazing just the way you are!

Love has no labels

I recently found this heartwarming video and Quote on Diply. And it’s so true: Love has no gender, age, race, religion, disabilities, … –  love is pure, love is kind, love is wonderful. Spread the love!

The truth is this…when it all boils down to it, we’re meant to love one another, not judge one another. We’re quick to cast judgments on people based on the color of their skin, their age, their physical abilities…but love overcomes all of that. Love doesn’t know prejudice. Love conquers all.

When you take away all of the outer appearance, it becomes much easier to accept people for who they are, doesn’t it?

Challenge Accepted

Eine meiner Lieblingsbloggerinnen hat für 2015 zur großen #EatTrainLoveChallenge aufgerufen – und ich bin dabei!


  • Januar: 1 Grüner Smoothie pro Tag – 31 Tage lang!
  • Februar: 28 Tage Sport – egal was – egal wann!
  • März: Dankbarkeits-Ritual am Abend – Wofür bist du heute dankbar?

Da ich noch bis zum 11. Januar durch thailändische Hostels tingeln werde, steige ich mit etwas Verspätung ein – dann aber richtig!

Auf meiner Liste der Vorsätze für 2015 stehen bereits eine Woche Basenfasten im Januar , mehr Clean Eating und die Teilnahme an einem Triathlon im Sommer 2015.

Meine Doppelchallenge: von Februar bis Mai werde ich in einem ungarischen Studentenwohnheim, im August/September hoffentlich in Punjab, Indien, leben. #EatTrainLoveChallenge auch im Ausland? Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted

One of my favorite German bloggers has invited her followers to join her to do the 3 months #EatTrainLoveChallenge:

3 Months of EAT TRAIN LOVE:

  • January: 1 green smoothie a day for days!
  • February: 28 days of sport – no matter when and where!
  • March: Asking myself what I am thankful for each night!

Since I will be in Thailand until January 11th, I will join in a bit later. I wanted to fast in January and adapt my diet anyways. I am also planning to partake in my first (short) triathlon in 2015.

My double challenge: I will be living in a Hungarian dormitory from February till May while doing an Erasmus exchange semester in Debrecen, Hungary, and hopefullly be staying in Punjab, India, in August and September. #EatTrainLoveChallenge abraod? – Challenge accepted!

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Although I do not much relate to Robin Williams, his death and life story touched me today. Not only has the world and his family lost an amazing actor and person but also did awareness about depression start spreading again today.

That’s why I’d like not only to dedicate this to Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, but also to all those who are struggling with depression – may they find the strength and hope to cope with their condition.

This is a heartwarming video clip showing Robin Williams and the intelligent gorilla Koko having a great time together:

Obwohl ich keinerlei persönliche Verbindung zu Robin Williams habe, haben mich sein plötzlcher Tod und seine Geschichte heute sehr berührt. Seine Familie und die Welt haben eine beeindruckende Persönlichkeit verloren. Noch mehr ist jedoch binnen der vergangenen Stunden geschehen: das Thema Depressionen ist weiter ins Bewusstsein vieler Menschen vorgedrungen.

Aus diesem Grund möchte ich hier und jetzt nicht nur Robin Williams gedenken – ruhe er in Frieden – sondern auch all jenen unendlich viel Kraft, Hoffnung und liebe Menschen an ihrer Seite wünschen, um mit ihren Depressionen leben zu lernen.

Dieses herzerwärmende Video zeigt  Robin Williams Besuch bei der Gorilladame Koko (siehe oben).