Quote of the day (#9): Plan in decades, live in days.

As I’m working on my Bachelor’s thesis (well,… reading stuff in order to eventually come up with a functioning proposal), I’ve found a good way to keep me motivated.

For each chapter of scientific (interesting yet sometimes quite complicated) piece of literature I read and understand, I get to read one piece of fun and inspiring online article.

One of those inspiring articles by Nic Haralambous stayed in my mind for a couple of days now – that’s why I’d like to share it with you today. It’s about some simple rules one can comply to in order to possibly live a more relaxed and fulfilled life.

My two favorites are:

Read every day.
Read everything you can.
Don’t just read about things you know about. Read about people. Read people.


Be patient. Nothing worth doing is worth doing quickly. Nothing worth building is worth building in a rush. Nothing of value is formed in a minute.
Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days. 

Find the full list on: Matadornetwork.com


Better late than never

As the new year began, we also started our nine days of traveling Thailand before heading back to Germany.

After I returned home, things got quite busy (again) right away. That is why I didn’t find the time to update any pictures yet. However: better late than never.

(You know, I actually wanted to post something different right now but I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving the Thailand post series uncompleted (yes, I’m kinda neurotic once in a while…).)

There you go:

Glück ist…

Kennt ihr sie auch? Diese Momente, die perfekt zu sein scheient?

Für sich genommen mögen einzelne Erlebnisse eher unscheinbar daherkommen. Genau diese Kleinigkeiten waren es aber, die den Sonntag für mich zu einem der bisher schönsten Tage in Chiang Mai gemacht haben.

Glück ist…

  • einen Ausflug zum Wararot Market, Klein-China in Chiang Mai, zu machen.
  • danach in einem total schnuckligen Café zu sitzen, Mädchengespräche zu führen und dabei eine Tasse Milchtee zu trinken, die mich an indischen Chai und meine Zeit in Baroda erinnert.
  • mich in der Roof Top Bar der letzten Sonnenstrahlen des Tages zu erfreuen und dabei meinen Gedanken nachzuhängen.
  • bei einem kühlen Getränk den Sonnenuntergang über dem Doi Suthep zu genießen.
  • meine erste, super wohltuende Thaimassage zu erleben.
  • auf dem Heimweg stehenzubleiben, um hunderte Lampions am Himmel zu beobachten.


Magic Moments

Do you know those picture perfect moments when everything seems to be just right?

Each experience for itself might not seem like much. However, several of those tiny, perfect moments I experienced on Sunday made the day to be one of my favorite ones in Chiang Mai so far.

Happiness is…

  • to visit the Wararot Market, Little China in Chiang Mai.
  • to sit in a cute little café afterwards, have some girl talk and drink milk tea that reminds me of Indian Chai and my time in Baroda.
  • to enjoy the day’s last sunbeams while sitting in a roof top bar and think about life.
  • to watch the pretty sunset over Doi Suthep while having an ice cold drink.
  • to have my first original, super relaxing Thai massage.
  • to have a break while walking home to watch hundreds of lampions fly up the sky.