Best of: Workcamp in Kenya, Sega

If you’ve followed my posts about the workcamp in Sega, Kenya and would like to learn more about what our life was like, check out this clip I produced.

The next workcamp I hope to be conducting will be in Jalón, Spain. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating or have any questions about it.


Visiting Naivasha, Kenya

When traveling Kenya, Naivasha is a great place to stop by. Amongst other things, you can go on nice bike rides (we decided against mountain biking off road) to spot some animals, spend the night in cozy bandas (huts) or go on a boat ride on Lake Naivasha.

My favorite experiences: Going on a boat ride to see hippos and pelicans during dawn and see a thousand pretty cacti (yes, I find them pretty).

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In love with Nakuru National Park, Kenya

It might be hard to believe for many but my favorite place to travel to in Kenya was not Masai Mara but another, not so famous place called Nakuru. We spent about one and a half days and one night in Nakuru National Park. What I loved about it: it’s not as crowded as other parks yet one can gaze at countless amazing, pretty, cute wild animals. I’ll just leave you with some pictures – I promise you’ll love it!

What’s your favorite place in Kenya?

IYW (#3): German-International Night

How do you sum up a complex, diverse culture such as the German by serving one dish and preparing activities for a themed evening?

It’s not an easy task – but we tried to fulfill it on Tuesday, when the German IYW-participants invited the rest of the group to celebrate a German night together.

Since raclette (table barbecue) and chocolate fondue appear to be dishes many families cook for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we prepared those. Our international friends were loved it.

Jugendwochen International Youth Weeks Kolping Kronberg German Night Raclette

Everybody enjoyed making Raclette.

Later, we presented a parody about German stereotypes and played “1,2, oder 3” (transl.: 1, 2 or 3), a famous German quiz show probably every German teenager has watched as a kid. Did you know Kevin and Chantalle were not the most popular names in Germany in 2015 but Anna and Ben are?

Right after that, we danced “Friesenrock”, a popular dance in northern and eastern parts of the country, as well as Foxtrot, usually one of the first dances one learns when listening to German schlager for the first time and ended up dancing Tanzani and other dances as well.

When there’s food on the table and music plays, we’re all united in happiness.

Jugendwochen International Youth Weeks Kolping Kronberg German Night Friesenrock

United in music.

IYW (#1): My latest adventure in Kronberg

Haven’t heard from me in a while, huh? That because I came back to Germany and went right back to my old routine: hanging out with friends,, working for the local newspaper and planning my next adventures. I was so busy that I didn’t really feel like blogging.

However, I’m back  – currently living my next adventure. Right now, I’m conducting the International Youth Weeks (IYW) organized by Kolping Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste, the organization I also went to Thailand with past year and will go to Kenia with next September (but that’s another story).

I will try to upload a post on our activities throughout the upcoming two weeks daily.

 What are the International Youth Weeks (IYW)?

internatinal youth weeks kronberg logo

International Youth Weeks 2015

The IYW are part of Kolping’s efforts to bring forward intercultural encounters and exchange. In a group of 18 participants ages 15 to 31, originating from Russia, Tanzania, Germany, Ecuador and the US, we are going to spend two weeks together in Kronberg, a German town near Frankfurt.

During these days, we will spend a lot of time together while carrying out numerous activities together such as day trips, mini language courses, international evenings, and theme days dealing with topics like environmental friendly behavior, politics, globalization and culture.

What happened so far?

Since I am one of five organizers, a teamer, of the IYW, I have spent the past week or so preparing our activities for the next 14 days and getting the place in Kronberg ready for the international participants to arrive.

They arrived between Saturday and Sunday morning, settled in their rooms, and we spent the first two days getting to know each other by playing games, eating, and hanging out.

Besides having “typical German” breakfast and dinner including bread, cheese, sausage and salad, our international guest got a chance to get a first glimpse at the German culture. Saturday evening, we visited a “Biergarten” (transl.: beer garden) in order to listen to a German folk musician (German: Schlagersänger) while tasting local beer and apple wine.

Although I’ve personally never been a great fan of schlager music, I loved sharing some of our local culture by “schunkeln” and singing together.

On our way home, some of us walked up the Kronberg castle to enjoy one of the prettiest nighttime views I’ve seen in a while. I’m excited to see more of Kronberg city and the castle on Monday.

Kronberg Castle IYW

Kronberg castle: a pretty romantic place.


I have arrived home in Germany safe and sound. I’m already missing my friends in Debrecen but am super happy to be reunited with my friends and family. I spent a great first day back home having my favorite lunch (vegetable soup) with my grandparents and parents and having cocktails with my best friends.

For the extended weekend, I will go camping with a couple of friends. I am quite sure I will think of this song when teaching them how to say “Egeszsegedre”. Everybody using the free days for partying and relaxing as well: enjoy!

This music video has been produced by international students at Debrecen University in spring 2015 and become quite pouplar among Hungarian and international students, teachers and club owners. Keep up the good work, Iranzo ;).

Spending free time in Debrecen

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad at Debrecen University in the near future. You can find an overview of all pots here.

Debrecen offers numerous opportunities to spend your spare time. Many pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants and leisure facilities only wait for you to explore them. Make sure to check them out. After 100 days spent in Debrecen, those are my personal favorites:

Debrecen activities for free time fun