Kayla: “Say You Did It”

My friend Kayla keeps inspiring me with her words. Check out her latest blog post.

People are so afraid to enjoy life and follow their dreams. I say just go for it! Time is waiting for no one which is why I’ve positioned myself to be able to follow my dreams, achieve goals, take risks, and enjoy life! Jobs, bills, school etc shouldn’t stop you from doing any of that! It’s your choice, everyone. I won’t look back one day wishing I could have or should have, but will be able to say I did it” -Kayla

Hi guys! First off, I want to thank you so much for checking out the newest features of my blog! I really appreciate your patience and your ongoing support!! It is so exciting to be back, and to be able to share some words of inspiration with you every week 🙂 I know I said to be on the lookout for my newest blog post, “Stop Waiting”, but after my latest trip to Miami, I felt intrigued to write about something else that was on my mind all weekend.

 As many of you have seen on social media, I’ve been traveling all over the country this year. This past weekend, I had the privilege of going to beautiful Miami for the 2nd time in the past 2 months with some close friends and family! How many people can just get up and go to Miami every month? This girl…

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Blogparade (#5): Lilies Urlaubsfotos

Juhu – eines meiner liebsten Reisefotos aus Indien hat es auf einen meiner liebsten Reiseblogs geschafft.

Der Sonnenuntergang über den Dächern Udaipurs - einfach schön!

Der Sonnenuntergang über den Dächern Udaipurs – einfach schön!

Das veröffentlichte Bild nebst Kommentar auf Lilies-Diary.com findet ihr hier, meinen Blogeintrag über den Trip nach Udaipur hier.

Wollt ihr im Sommer mit mir zusammen Indien erkunden? Dann geht’s hier entlang.

Blogparade (#4): A_Way

My fellow student Malou from Dortmund, whom I am spending my semester abroad in Debrecen together with, is blogging about her experiences as well.

She recently drew a great analogy between reading a book and settling at a new place:

[…] You might […] fear that you will remain a figure outside of the story, the mere reader, depending on the bits and pieces delivered by an omniscient narrator. That you read letters forming a name, and yet the characters remain distant to you, too obscure and held at distance by a limiting, selective narrator. […] You fear clues and twists passing before your eyes, unnoticed, only later to be remembered as the moments in which you should have known how precious they would be for the story. You fear missing this, because you think these missed twists would have created the “right” feeling, the “actual” atmosphere of the story. Another page turned.

And yet – fear not. Read on, let the story unfold. […] The plot is not to be followed, it is to be shaped with your own reading. You read, you write the story. […]

Read the full analogy here.

Dating a Traveler?

Just a while ago, I had an interesting talk with a friend of mine. We wondered why it seems to be hard for some people to commit to self-assured, ambitious, intelligent, … persons- especially to those who appear to be always busy and abroad for a vast time of each year: constant travelers.

Her take on it: they’re afraid. Afraid of not being able to keep up with that person, afraid of only being a minor concern to him or her.

Apparently, numerous writers have thought about this issue before we did and already answered to it – in glorious words, if you ask me. Read some of my favorite notes on why no man should be afraid of dating a self-assured, ambitious, intelligent, curious, sensitive, awesome, caring woman:

She spends her weekends jetting around Europe, her holidays trekking through Uganda in search of gorillas, volunteering in a school in Ghana or lying on a beach in Sri Lanka. She spends her evenings reading travel books, watching travel movies or following travel bloggers on Twitter. She might appear to be independent and solitarily happy but, in reality, she would really like that perfect companion to be able to enjoy all of these things with.

She is inquisitive, curious, and intelligent; after all travel is the best form of education. She can talk for hours about her travel tales, (…)

So is she worth it? She most definitely is! She might seem a challenge to pin down, or to arrange a date with, but if she likes you, she will pull out all the stops to make sure it happen. A girl that travels has seen so many places and met so many people, so if she likes you, you should grab the opportunity with both hands! She has dated the romantic Parisian, the fun-loving Australian and the sensual Brazilian, so if she has chosen you, there must be something special there! Don’t let your insecurities or jealousies get in the way, if she likes you, she will always come home to you and, for once, she might even look forward to coming home too.

Travelling is a journey of self discovery; often learning as much about yourself as you do about the destinations you are visiting. She loves to travel, but if you play your cards right, she just might love you that little bit more. And perhaps that next romantic Goan sunset can be admired by you both… Date a girl that travels and your life will never be the same again. (Hayley Gemma Wright)

Kissing a cake fish in Thailand

Life as a butterfly: Date a Girl That Travels 

Huffington Post: 7 Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Travels

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Katie Aune: Why I Love the Posts About Dating a Girl or Boy Who Travels

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Raphael Alexander Zoren: Date a Man Who Travels… Wait, What? Date?


Many writers seem to glorify dating travelers while forgetting the hardships of long distance relationships (I’ve never had one but have seen more than enough lonely tears, Skype fights, and SnapChat promises, …), others appear to be quite negative about striking up a relationship with a traveler:

We travelers are gypsies and vagabonds. Plain and simple. We will be there for you today but we probably won’t stay for going to the movies tomorrow. We are not dating material, please understand that. Don’t try to make us to commit because it simply isn’t in our DNA. We are free spirits who are capable of love and yes, we will fall madly for you and yet, we will be selfish enough to try our best to lure you into trying our nomadic lifestyle with us instead of adapting ourselves to your sedentary one.

And, if you are brave enough to take the risk of getting to know us, well, prepare to have the best of times when we’re together in the same city…and brace yourself for the sadness that will come when we’re not.  (Raphael Alexander Zoren)

What’s the Matter?

Despite all that has been written and said so far (there are countless further blog posts about why (not) to date a girl/ boy/ man/ woman/ fish/ … who travels), I am not sure what to think of those notions. Of course, I’m aware of all the stereotyping and generalizing that is going on in these articles. However, after reading them I still wasn’t satisfied about the output.

Isn’t it all up to two individuals what to make of their relationship? They might need to face (unexpected) obstacles on their road to happiness. But they can stand through it – and live happily ever after. What if they don’t manage to? Well, that’s fine as well. Living in the present and enjoying life to the fullest is something, traveling teaches ones, too.

I personally do consider myself as a traveler – but not as a (slutty) vagabond (sorry, R.A. Zoren). I rather identify myself with the traveling girl H.G. Wright describes: independent but reaching for  that perfect companion to to enjoy life’s beauty with. However, I am not sad at all about not having to manage with a long distance relationship but being able to enjoy my journeys by myself and with all those wonderful friends I make on the road. Together, we’re not afraid of anything: Neither of fellow girls/ boys/ fish who (don’t) travel nor of being alone or feeling lonely. You’re never alone, when you’re at ease with yourself and amongst friends.

So in case you wondered what my take on that commitment question is: Good things take time. If that one guy who I thought to be a great match for me turns out to be different from what I’m wishing for, that’s life. If I meet someone along the road to have a great time with – let’s spend as much of it together as possible. If we turn out not to fit together anymore, let’s leave it, stay friends and move on. You’re never alone, when you’re at ease with yourself and amongst friends.

Melancholie ist Teil des Abenteuers

Meine wunderbare beste Freundin Janina hüpft zeitgleich mit mir ein ihr Erasmus-Abenteuer und bloggt ebenfalls darüber. Sie spricht mir aus der Seele:

Zu Beginn eines jeden neuen Kapitels schleicht sich eine gewisse Melancholie in den Alltag. Man beginnt wieder, Dinge zum letzten Mal zu tun. (…)  Ich habe (während meiner letzten längeren Reise nach Kambodscha) etwas über Liebe gelernt und über das Leben, am meisten aber wahrscheinlich über mich und ich kann es nur jedem ans Herz legen, den Schritt zu wagen und die gewohnte Umgebung zu verlassen, denn man bekommt so unendlich viel mehr zurück als man es sich jemals erträumt hätte.

Als ich ihren Post las, stiegen mir die Tränen in die Augen. Ersetzte man Kambodscha durch Indien, könnte er von mir stammen. Auch in meinem Herzchen und in meinen Gedanken macht sich so kurz vor dem nächsten Abschied allmählich die Melancholie breit. Auch abgesehen von der Nummerierung der Auslandssprünge empfinden wir wohl derzeit sehr ähnlich (wie so häufig):

Meine zweiter alleiniger Auslandssprung steht endlich ins Haus, und ich blicke dem mit einem vor Lachen funkelndem und einem sehr traurigen Auge entgegen. Denn für mich ist es kein Spaziergang, meine Lieben zu verlassen, auch wenn ich es gleichzeitig liebe, anderswo zu sein..

Friendship is colourful

Friendship is colorful

Dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen. Ein Teil von mir sprudelt permanent über vor Tatendrang und Vorfreude auf mein nächstes Abenteuer, ein anderer kämpft ständig gegen den fetten Klos im Hals und Pipi in den Augen beim Gedanken an die bevorstehenden Abschiede. Am Donnerstag steigt meine Abschiedsparty. Sie wird feucht fröhlich.

Melancholy is part of the adventure

My wonderful best friend Janina is starting her Erasmus adventure abroad at the same time as I do and is also blogging about it. She just wrote exactly what I’m thinking:

There is a certain melancholy before a new chapter in life starts. You begin to do things for the last time. (…) (During my last longer trip to Cambodia) I learned something about love and about life, but most importantly a lot about myself. I can only encourage everyone to dare taking that step into the unknown – you get back infinitely more than you could ever expect to.

My eyes got wet when I read her post. If you replace Cambodia with India, it could be mine. Melancholy is also spreading within my heart and thoughts at this very moment. The next goodbyes are getting so close… Besides the stay abroads’ numbering, Janina and I do probably have similar feelings right now (as we do quite often):

My second solely stay abroad is just ahead of be and I am facing it with smiling sparks in one eye and many tears in the other one. You know, it’s not a walk in the park to leave my loves – eventhough I do also love to be somewhere else in this world…

I don’t have much to add to this. A part of me is constantly looking forward to new adventures, another one is fighting the tears when thinking about the goodbyes getting closer. My goodbye party is on thursday – we’ll have a blast.

Challenge Accepted

Eine meiner Lieblingsbloggerinnen hat für 2015 zur großen #EatTrainLoveChallenge aufgerufen – und ich bin dabei!


  • Januar: 1 Grüner Smoothie pro Tag – 31 Tage lang!
  • Februar: 28 Tage Sport – egal was – egal wann!
  • März: Dankbarkeits-Ritual am Abend – Wofür bist du heute dankbar?

Da ich noch bis zum 11. Januar durch thailändische Hostels tingeln werde, steige ich mit etwas Verspätung ein – dann aber richtig!

Auf meiner Liste der Vorsätze für 2015 stehen bereits eine Woche Basenfasten im Januar , mehr Clean Eating und die Teilnahme an einem Triathlon im Sommer 2015.

Meine Doppelchallenge: von Februar bis Mai werde ich in einem ungarischen Studentenwohnheim, im August/September hoffentlich in Punjab, Indien, leben. #EatTrainLoveChallenge auch im Ausland? Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted

One of my favorite German bloggers has invited her followers to join her to do the 3 months #EatTrainLoveChallenge:

3 Months of EAT TRAIN LOVE:

  • January: 1 green smoothie a day for days!
  • February: 28 days of sport – no matter when and where!
  • March: Asking myself what I am thankful for each night!

Since I will be in Thailand until January 11th, I will join in a bit later. I wanted to fast in January and adapt my diet anyways. I am also planning to partake in my first (short) triathlon in 2015.

My double challenge: I will be living in a Hungarian dormitory from February till May while doing an Erasmus exchange semester in Debrecen, Hungary, and hopefullly be staying in Punjab, India, in August and September. #EatTrainLoveChallenge abraod? – Challenge accepted!