Quote of the day (#9): Plan in decades, live in days.

As I’m working on my Bachelor’s thesis (well,… reading stuff in order to eventually come up with a functioning proposal), I’ve found a good way to keep me motivated.

For each chapter of scientific (interesting yet sometimes quite complicated) piece of literature I read and understand, I get to read one piece of fun and inspiring online article.

One of those inspiring articles by Nic Haralambous stayed in my mind for a couple of days now – that’s why I’d like to share it with you today. It’s about some simple rules one can comply to in order to possibly live a more relaxed and fulfilled life.

My two favorites are:

Read every day.
Read everything you can.
Don’t just read about things you know about. Read about people. Read people.


Be patient. Nothing worth doing is worth doing quickly. Nothing worth building is worth building in a rush. Nothing of value is formed in a minute.
Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days. 

Find the full list on: Matadornetwork.com


Spending free time in Debrecen

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad at Debrecen University in the near future. You can find an overview of all pots here.

Debrecen offers numerous opportunities to spend your spare time. Many pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants and leisure facilities only wait for you to explore them. Make sure to check them out. After 100 days spent in Debrecen, those are my personal favorites:

Debrecen activities for free time fun

Having fun with ESN Debrecen

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad at Debrecen University in the near future. You can find an overview of all pots here.

ESN Debrecen is doing a great job to make international students feel welcomed and at home, to keep them busy, to give them chances to interact with their fellow students, and last but not least to make countless new friends and memories. That is why you should not miss to become part of that great community and to join its activities.

  • Like ESN Debrecen on Facebook.
  • Become member of the numerous Facebook group for current international students studying in Debrecen.
  • Check your E-Mails regularly.
  • Get in touch with your buddy. Every international student is matched with one ore more Hungarian students about a month or two prior to his/ her arrival to Debrecen. They will help him/ her to find his/her way around, to settle, sign up for classes and show them the best bars and cafés.
  • Get an ESN-Card an receive discounts in many shops/ bars.
  • Buy a Hungarian SIM Card from the ESN members to keep in touch with your new friends.
  • Last but not least:

Join the ESN Activities

Preaparing for your stay abroad

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad (at Debrecen University) in the near future. An overview of all the posts can be found here.

Going abroad for longer than a month or so usually requires some preparation. This is a check list I have come up with throughout the years in order not to waste money (why pay for memberships I’m not using?), not to forget anything important and last but not least to have as relaxed last days at home as possible.

  • Book your plane/ train/ bus ticket
  • Apply for a visa, if necessary
  • Cancel/ pause your cell phone contact (get a local SIM Card)
  • Cancel/ pause your gym/ club/ … memberships/ public transport pass if necessary
  • Sub-rent your room/ flat
  • Find out what you need to bring and which items will be provided
  • Write a packing list
  • Get your stuff together (backpack, sleeping bag, kitchen utensils, …?)
  • Plan your farewell – there’s no worse feeling than missing to say goodbye to a friend you could’ve said goodbye to
  • Learn/ read about your new home
  • Learn the local language – at least a few words to get started and make a good first impression

Do you miss anything on this list? What’s your personal departure routine? Let me know in the comments section below.

Loving Debrecen in eight easy steps

Studying abroad in a foreign country can be quite overwhelming at times: a different currency, a foreign language, a new surrounding and what seems like way too many information to keep track of during the first few days. This short guide aims at helping you to make it through the first few days safe and sound and without too much confusion. If you need some quick advice, you can come back to this page and look up the information needed. 

The list below states the topics of posts that will be postet until the end of May. I will update the links as the posts are uploaded. If you don’t want to miss any updates, follow me on facebook! 

However, I’m sure you won’t need it for too long. In little but no time, you will have made many friends, hooked up with your buddy and found your personal favorite spots and things to do in Debrecen.

15-03-20_ungarn_szeged_iiris24_resizedAfter having spent a total of exactly 100 days in Debrecen, I have learned to love this city. Not only did I manage to find my way around and to make out the nicest spots for whichever activity but also have I become part of a great (exchange) student community, learned a lot on numerous levels and most of all about myself. To conclude this series of posts on my experiences in Debrecen, I would like to share my thought on studying abroad with you:

Studying abroad is an experience producing relationships and memories that can last a lifetime.You might struggle to keep in touch with your friends back home. You re-evaluate your interpersonal relationships on numerous levels. You build new friendships. Some of those might last a lifetime. You learn a new language. You learn to find your way around in a formerly unknown surrounding. You get a chance to grow academically. More importantly, you grow personally. You might face some obstacles – and will most certainly overcome them. And most of all, you will (hopefully) learn to enjoy every moment of your life, remember the importance of appreciation and to treasure the memories and friendships you make for they might last a lifetime.