Ruhrgebiet: Urbanatix – NOW!

Have you ever seen free runners, dancers, acrobats, bikers, trickers, acrobats and live musicians performing a show together?  No? If you think “That sounds pretty amazing”, you should definitely not miss out on visiting an Urbanatix show in Bochum.

Urbanatix has been founded as a project for young artists in 2010, when the Ruhr Region was named European Capital of Culture – RUHR.2010. Since everybody liked the young innovative artists’ shows so much back then, it has become an institution in this region ever since.

That is why what is now one of the region’s greatest crew of street artists and acrobats presented its new show in Bochums’ Jahrhunderthalle, a great event center, past Friday. About 50 regional and international artists will be playing a total of 16 shows until Tuesday, November 24th, in front of a total of about 20.000 spectators .

I got to have a glimpse at their dress rehearsal past Thursday – and I loved the show even more than I did past year. “NOW!”  contains everything a good show needs in my opinion: great music by a percussionist, beat boxers and a great DJ, incredibly skilled and versatile artists and an impressively dynamic scenery put together in 100 minutes of a uniquely dynamic, varied and entertaining show.

Thank you to the Urbanatix media team for supplying me with pictures and giving me a chance to watch this show once more. 


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