What we eat in Sega, Kenya

What we eat in Sega, Kenya

Our breakfast is plain and simple: toast with marmalade, accompanied by black tea with or without milk but always a lot of brown sugar.

Lunch and dinner are quite similar: simple yet very tasty.

We are using a “jiko”, a charcole grill/ oven,to prepare whatever there is to be prepared such as:

  • Sukuma wiki (fried green kale with onions)
  • White and brown Ugali (a cooked “cake” made of maize or wheat flour and water)
  • Rice
  • Spagetthi
  • Boiled potatoes with onions and tomatoes
  • Chapati (fried flat bread similar to those served in India)
  • Boiled peas in a sauce of mixed vegetables
  • plantains
  • Scambled eggs with tomatoes
  • Chicken or Fish (which I don’t eat as a vegetarian)
  • Bananas and oranges for dessert
  • Hand-picked and fried peanuts

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For each lunch and dinner, two or three of us join the housemaids, Vicky and Margaret, for the preparations. It usually takes about two to threehours until everything is ready to be served. They make a great effort to explain us how to prepare the traditional Kenyan dishes and are incredibly patient when explaining us how to correctly cut the kale and form a chapatti.

Fun fact: Sukuma Wiki is Swahili and means “pushing the week” (sukuma = pushing, wiki = week) because the green leaves are quite cheap yet yielding and filling so that they are often bought in order to save some money.

The workcamp I am conducting is organized by the German organization Kolping Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste. To learn more about their work and possibilites to participate in a workcamp in different countries all over the world, check out their website.


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