IYW (#4): The more you give the more you get?

An important part of the International Youth Weeks (IYW) is to talk about the worldwide distribution of different resources such as money.

When discussing that topic, we also came across the topic of not only sharing monetary resources but also those within us.

This is my small group’s finding on that:

Udaipur India Quote Life Good

Sign in Udaipur, India

When thinking about monetary resources, I notice that I don’t find it fair if one person has everything and another has nothing. We need to split up the resources so that everybody gets his or her fair share. Although the shares will not always be equal, I have to be somewhat satisfied with what we got at one point because goods will probably never be shared completely equally in our society.

The emotional resources we carry within us such as love and compassion whatsoever are endless. The more I give, the more I get. The more of myself I am giving to others, the more about myself I share with them, the more I receive in return. However, there is no need to estimate how much love and stories I am going to receive in return for sharing mine. Whatever I do for others will cause I feeling of joy within me and whatever I receive I will be grateful for.”


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