IYW (#2): Exploring Kronberg

What I like about visiting foreign countries is to feel like an explorer. Wherever I go, I gather new impressions: visions, smells, tastes, and feelings when making new experiences.

That is why I also love hosting and accompanying people who haven’t been to Germany before: I get to explore familiar placed from a new perspective.

International Youth Weeks IYW Kolping Kronberg View

We enjoyed a great view from the top of the Kronberg castle.

On Monday, we went on a scavenger hunt in Kronberg and visited the town’s medieval castle. What I enjoyed about it most about it was to reflect upon topics I hadnt’t considered in a while, such as:

  • How is a fachwerk house* constructed? (*traditional German architecture)
  • What does a typical „Altstadt“* look like? (Old town)
  • Why did towns use to have walls and forts to protect them?
International Youth Weeks Kolping Kronberg Altstadt

The “Singvogelgasse” is one of the prettiest streets in Kronberg.

Besides, the town’s major welcomed our group, a local newspaper interviewed us and we had the honor to sign Kronberg’s guest book.

International Youth Weeks IYW Kolping Kronberg Major

Signing the town of Kronberg’s guestbook was a great honor for all of us.


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