Having fun with ESN Debrecen

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad at Debrecen University in the near future. You can find an overview of all pots here.

ESN Debrecen is doing a great job to make international students feel welcomed and at home, to keep them busy, to give them chances to interact with their fellow students, and last but not least to make countless new friends and memories. That is why you should not miss to become part of that great community and to join its activities.

  • Like ESN Debrecen on Facebook.
  • Become member of the numerous Facebook group for current international students studying in Debrecen.
  • Check your E-Mails regularly.
  • Get in touch with your buddy. Every international student is matched with one ore more Hungarian students about a month or two prior to his/ her arrival to Debrecen. They will help him/ her to find his/her way around, to settle, sign up for classes and show them the best bars and cafés.
  • Get an ESN-Card an receive discounts in many shops/ bars.
  • Buy a Hungarian SIM Card from the ESN members to keep in touch with your new friends.
  • Last but not least:

Join the ESN Activities


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