Living in a dormitory at Debrecen University

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad at Debrecen University in the near future. You can find an overview of all pots here.

If you applied for or already got accepted to study in Debrecen, you might wonder how you will be accommodated in case you chose to stay I a dorm. Several dormitories are available to live in. You will most likely be admitted to the dormitory that is the closest to the campus you will be studying on. You can find out which one that will be here. As you can read on the university’s website, the dorms and rooms differ a bit from each other. To give you an impression about it, whatsoever, I will now give you some information about the Kossuth Lajos Dormitory on the university’s main campus.

Each room is equipped with

  • 1 Bed + bed sheets + bedspread p.P.
  • 1 or 2 Drawers beneath the bed
  • 1 Cupboard p.P.
  • 1 Desk and book shelve p.P.
  • 1 Long shelve p.P.
  • 1 Desk light p.P.
  • 1 Internet cable p.P.
  • 1 Big hanger to dry clothes on

The shared kitchens on each floor  are equipped with:

  • Water boiler
  • 2 ovens with cooking plates
  • 1 sandwich maker
  • 2 microwaves

The kitchens are getting cleaned once a day.

Things to bring/buy living in a shared dorm at Debrecen University

  • Cleaning Wipes (my room was quite dusty when I arrived)
  • Plate
  • Fork, knife, spoons
  • Cup
  • Mug (if you bring your own mug you pay 10% less for every hot drink in many coffee shops)
  • Cooking pot
  • Cooking pan
  • Kitchen towels
  • Other kitchen supplies you need (can opener, trowel, spatula, …)
  • Ear plugs (you can hear gatherings in rooms nearby and outside quite well)*
  • Eye mask (rooms don’t always have curtains)*
  • Comfy shoes to wear at the dormitory
  • Washing detergent, anti-discoloring-wipes (since you can only wash twice a month you will most likely wash “a colorful machine”)
  • Basic cleaning utensils (bucket, mob, cleaning soap,…)

*I never needed those, though. I found loudness and brightness to be bearable.

Further useful information

  • The bed sheets are changed and the bathroom is being cleaned every other week.
  • Washing machines are located in most of the dormitories’ basements and can be used for free twice a month. They work fully automatically, that means you don’t need to add washing detergent.
  • In addition to your room key, you get an electronic check card you always need to check in and out at the dormitory.
  • Each person can bring up to three persons to his/her room. They need to register at the reception and leave their ID as a refund.
  • If visitors do not leave before midnight, they need to pay 1000 Ft (3,30 €).
  • That means if you wish to have friends stay overnight, it costs 1000 Ft. per Person.
  • You can buy many things you might need during your stay in Debrecen second hand on Facebook pages like Sales between Students.
  • You can buy nearly everything one could think of in order supply a household (kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, groceries) quite cheap at the Goods Market or One Euro Market (Csapó Utca 6/ left hand side between Kossuth tér and Forum)

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