Preaparing for your stay abroad

This blog post is part of a series of several posts aiming to give advice to those who are planning on studying abroad (at Debrecen University) in the near future. An overview of all the posts can be found here.

Going abroad for longer than a month or so usually requires some preparation. This is a check list I have come up with throughout the years in order not to waste money (why pay for memberships I’m not using?), not to forget anything important and last but not least to have as relaxed last days at home as possible.

  • Book your plane/ train/ bus ticket
  • Apply for a visa, if necessary
  • Cancel/ pause your cell phone contact (get a local SIM Card)
  • Cancel/ pause your gym/ club/ … memberships/ public transport pass if necessary
  • Sub-rent your room/ flat
  • Find out what you need to bring and which items will be provided
  • Write a packing list
  • Get your stuff together (backpack, sleeping bag, kitchen utensils, …?)
  • Plan your farewell – there’s no worse feeling than missing to say goodbye to a friend you could’ve said goodbye to
  • Learn/ read about your new home
  • Learn the local language – at least a few words to get started and make a good first impression

Do you miss anything on this list? What’s your personal departure routine? Let me know in the comments section below.


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