Five cities in nine days

I had a spring break of ten days only a while ago and decided to visit some pretty cities during those free days. My route:

Vienna – Bratislava – Prague – Budapest – Debrecen

I will let you know more about those truly wonderful destinations throughout the next weeks. For now, just enjoy some of my favorite impressions of each city:


I visited Vienna together with Malou, a study mate from Dortmund. We stayed with a super nice couchsurfing host for three days. We cooked together and he showed us some of his favorite spots in Vienna in the evenings. During the day, Malou and I strolled through the city, took tons of pictures, and climbed up the Gloriette  to enjoy a beautiful view over Schönbrunn castle and Vienna

Vienna Wien Schönbrunn Sissi by Laura Konieczy

This picture is dedicated to my best friend Janni (I’m working on our list ;))


I stayed in Bratislava for one and a half day. Since my couchsurfing host was busy during the day, I mostly walked through the city, gazed at its beautiful architecture and interesting statues and tried out some vegan and eco friendly cafés before we hang out together.

Bratislava Pressburg Prešporok Slovakia Cumil Statue by Laura Konieczny

Meet Cumil (transl.: peaker), the most famous guy in town.


Prague was my last destination before heading back to Hungary. I stayed with an Indian friend’s friend (the world is a small place). During the three days I spent in Prague, I visited most of the famous tourist attractions. However, I actually found Prague too touristy – Vienna and Bratislava didn’t seem to be so obvious about being tourist destinations. That is why my favorite place turned out to be a park near the Michael’s Bridge: it’s super quiet and super pretty during sunny spring days.

Park in Prague in Czech Republic by Laura Konieczny

Parks might be my favorite place in each city.


My friends Hendrik and Tobias came to visit me in Hungary. I played their tour guide in Budapest (and actually was surprised about all the knowledge I have acquired about Hungarian history , and Budapest by now), they drank Hungarian beer and palinka, and we simply had a great time together.

Oh, how I missed those crazy guys 


Of course, I also wanted to show my friends “my” city in Hungary and was proud to show them around the lovely little town of Debrecen that had SICH HERAUSGEPUTZT as spring and my visitors from Germany arrived.

Kossuth Tér in Debrecen by Laura Konieczny

Kossuth Tér in Debrecen – the city’’s pretty main square.


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