Today in 1848

Um zum deutschen Text zu gelangen, scrolle bitte runter.

Today (Sunday) is a Hungarian national holiday. People all over the country remember the beginning of the Hungarian revolution on March 15th 1848 by wearing red, white and green cockades, attending torchlight walks and cultural gatherings, and nicely decorating the streets. National flags can be found pretty much anywhere these days. I even got a cockade when I went grocery shopping yesterday…

Those are some of my favorite impressions of the cute handicraft works school children have put up.

What’s the holiday all about?

Well, I had to do some research about it, too, as I had never really tackles the topic of Hungarian history before I came here. Author Nick Robertson hat put together a great Explainer on

“Revolution was in the air across Europe in 1848, with insurrections arising from the isle of Sicily to the royal palace of Paris to the streets of Berlin and beyond. This widespread wave of rebellion also swept through Hungary in the early months of that year, erupting into an insurgency that ignited in Budapest with the dramatic recital of a poem that still stirs the souls of patriotic Magyars to this day. While many exact details from the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 are now obscured by history, the rebellion definitely began on March 15th – now solemnly observed as a national holiday.”

If you would like to learn more click here.

Heute im Jahr 1848…

… begann die ungarische Revolution. Deshalb ist der heutige Sonntag ein ungarischer Nationalfeiertag. Im ganzen Land gedenken die Menschen den Beginn der Revoluation am 15. März 1848, indem sie rot-weiß-grüne Kokarden tragen, an Fackelzügen und Kulturprogrammen teilnehmen und die Stadt mit Flaggen dekorieren. Flaggen, Kokarden und Abbilder der Revolutionsväter begegnen mir schon seit einigen Tagen überall in Debrecen. Einige meiner schönsten Eindrücke der Feiertagsdeko, die die Schulkinder in der Stadt verteilt haben, möchte ich an dieser Stelle mit euch teilen.


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