Blogparade (#4): A_Way

My fellow student Malou from Dortmund, whom I am spending my semester abroad in Debrecen together with, is blogging about her experiences as well.

She recently drew a great analogy between reading a book and settling at a new place:

[…] You might […] fear that you will remain a figure outside of the story, the mere reader, depending on the bits and pieces delivered by an omniscient narrator. That you read letters forming a name, and yet the characters remain distant to you, too obscure and held at distance by a limiting, selective narrator. […] You fear clues and twists passing before your eyes, unnoticed, only later to be remembered as the moments in which you should have known how precious they would be for the story. You fear missing this, because you think these missed twists would have created the “right” feeling, the “actual” atmosphere of the story. Another page turned.

And yet – fear not. Read on, let the story unfold. […] The plot is not to be followed, it is to be shaped with your own reading. You read, you write the story. […]

Read the full analogy here.


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