Their coffee is my tea

Their coffee is my tea

Most of us are aware of the fact that life is not always easy, funny and pretty. In fact, most of the time there is some challenges we are facing. Well, that’s life – nothing to be too worried about, if you ask me.

Right now, one of my personal challenges (a great one, of course!)  is to be a good teamer for the workcamp group I am being in Thailand with. I know that I am tending to put myself under more pressure than others to do a good job. I’ve always been a perfectionist. That attitude usually doesn’t bother be too much and is simply part of who I am and part of the reason for where I stand in life right now. However, being a perfectionist 24 hours a day for 28 days straight might be quite a challenge. That is why I remind myself to take a step back once in a while.

We recently faced a minor conflict within our German group. No big deal, actually – just a topic that had to be discussed and some things that had to be said eventually. Being me, I took parts of the discussion personal (not in an being offended kind of way but in a “what could I have done better/ different?” kind of thought though).

Reflecting on your actions is supposed to be useful, I have learned. However, thinking about something for too long can drive me crazy. Everybody probably knows situations in life that drive him crazy each and every time they occur. That is why I find it super important to know how to deal with it.

Tea and coffeeMy way to clear my head: Having a hot cup of good tea (no matter how hot it is outside) and drinking it really slowly. With every sip, I think about what’s going on right now, what’s bothering me and how I could solve the situation. It also helps me to note down my thought (I always carry a notebook and a pen with me – regardless of my geographical location). Also: reminding myself of how thankful I am for my amazing friends and family who love and support me no matter what and for God’s grace by having a look inside my little treasure bag. It contains tiny things that remind me of my loved ones, awing situations and my faith.

Taking only ten to 15 minutes for myself has become my personal ritual whenever I cannot clearly feel or know what to do. Those tiny actions have already saved me a whole lot of worries in the past. I wish for everyone to have such a ritual – what is yours?

I had actually already thought about this post on Thursday (before the conflict), when my group went to Starbucks to have coffee together. Although we are staying in a hotel, we are actually trying to live quite basic and to mostly avoid stereotypically touristy behavior (to spend too much money on things because “they are so cheap” or to eat western food only, for example). This coffee whatsoever, is something my friends longed for.

It reminded them of home, they said. Although no one has presented himself as homesick as of now – I believe everybody really needed that coffee. I have rarely seen someone savor a Starbucks drink as much as they did. It might have been their (unnamed) ritual

We had a great talk over four cups of coffee and a cup of tea. I savored every sip and thanked God for the great people I am experiencing Thailand with. That probably strengthened me in advance to deal with that conflict later and to be sure it’s nothing to be worried about – just life.

Sorry an meine deutschen, nicht englischsprachigen Leser – ich habe gerade keine Zeit, den Text zu übersetzen, aber möchte ihn gern noch posten. Beim nächsten Mal denke ich wieder an euch 🙂


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