Neknominations – not for me!

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My facebook timeline is full of drinking videos. The latest trend is called “Neknomation”. The big media have already reported the topic.

14-02-04_beer_-_CC BY-ND 2.0_-_Cambridge_Brewing_CoFor al those who have missed it (which is almost impossible if you’re on facebook), these are the rules of the “social beer game.” Who has the honor of being nominated via video link has 24 hours to to film himself down half a liter of beer and nominating three new people to do so as well. If he fails to do so he owes the one who nominated him a crate of beer.

The game is said to have started a few years ago in Australia and Great Britain. It just spread to Germany this year. “Neknomination” stands for “nek your dring – nominate another”.

If you ask me, this game is quite stupid. Don’t get me wrong. I like drinking a beer or two. I even rarely say No to drinking games. However, I don’t get the point in uploading a video of me drinking beer and urging people to do so as well. Why should I?

I know I can down half a liter of beer – my friends do as well. I also know that they are capable of dowing as well – probably even quicker than me. No news. Not admirable at all.

Neknominations have already had fatal consequences in countries other than Germany. According to British media, a guy supposedly jumped into a river and drowned after doing a crazy Neknomination video. Appearently, Neknominations are supposed to be as crazy as possible – and dangerous. Why else would someone skate on a busy road with his beer bong?

14-02-04_-_good_deed_CC BY 2.0_-_QuasifyInstead of praising these drunkards, I admire those who say No to that senseless drinking. TheImperic published a wonderful collection of reversed video answers. These videos’ protagonists do random acts of kindness instead of drinking. One guy donated soccer balls to street children in South Africa, another one gifted a tasty lunch to a construction worker. At the end of their videos, they encourage their friends to follow their example.

These random acts of kindness are truly admirable. It is probably way harder for one or the other to approach a completely stranger than to sit in front of your camera with a tankard. But most of all: making others happy is much more rewarding than drinking half a liter of beer. For me, at least. If someone decides to neknominate me, I will make a donation to the food pantry instead.

This is a great example of a good deed instead of stupid drinking

What do you think about Neknominations? Do you find them stupid as well or think it’s a fun drinking game?


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