Thankful Thursday

Starting today I am going to tell you about something I am thankful for each thursday . 

I truely believe that there are countless things, moments, people, … to be thankful for and I would like to inspire you to pay more attention to the little things in life because they can cause the greatest joy.

My best friends

13-09-13_mumbai_-_maria (221)I am incredibly grateful for my amazing friends, especially four special girls from high school and six guys and girls I met at university about 15 months ago. We talk about everything, laugh a lot, and share our ups and downs. We do what “one does” when hanging out: eat, drink, talk, play video games, gossip, watch movies, and so on and so forth. However, it’s not all about our activities but about the connection we have. Since we have spend countless hours together at school or university and afterwards, we have gotten to know each other in almost any considerable situation. Hearbroken or lovestruck, tired or wide awake, drunk, bored, sad, relaxed, stressed, happy, psyched, thrilled, …  – my friends get to know about my feelings first. Sometimes they even notice how I feel before I myself have realized what’s going on.
However, there are also other people I consider to be my very good friends although we only see each other once in a while due to the geographical distance that lays between us. What I find most considerable about these friendships is the fact that they persist eventhough we don’t always manage to stay in touch on a regular basis. But IF we talk via skype or manage to meet it seems like we never parted – that special connection one has with a true friend simply doesn’t break.

We are friends – You laugh I laugh – You cry I cry – You jump off a bridge I get on my boat to save your stupid ass.
We are friends – You laugh I laugh. You cry I cry – I jump off a bridge and You get on your boar to save my stupid ass.


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