The Stark Reality !

My Indian friend a colleague Nazish just started a blog as well. This is her first post. I love her writing!

The World Through My Eyes

When we look around, what should we find ?

Love, peace, happiness, togetherness, an environment that is hale and hearty ?

Alas, the stark reality is not so…It has a clearly different picture for us to see..

Instead of love, we find hatred and envy,

Selfish concerns overpower altruism,

Deprivation and hunger replace equality of resources,

Discrimination sidelining secularism and brotherhood…

Instead of kids going to school, we see kids begging in the streets..

The benches in the school are empty, waiting for the children to come and occupy them..

The books are waiting to be opened and read,

Instead the streets are full with children struggling to feed their tiny tummies.

A paradoxical situation prevails, where at one point the nations women are getting empowered,

Whereas on the other side, there are the ones who still bear the brunt of domestic violence….

No where even the shadows of empowerment…

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